Audio Players – In-store radio – Broadcasting equipment

Audio players

You can play our playlists from your computer or tablet but we also offer audio players that can favourably replace the latter.

The “My Music Player Le” player is a broadcasting device designed and manufactured in France by Waves System and is specially designed for broadcasting playlists in public places.  This is professional equipment, robust and optimised for the broadcast of music in stores, restaurants etc. It takes up little space and has a neat design. It is also easy to use. Simply connect your player to an internet socket to broadcast our programmes.


Its low power consumption, long-term reliability, adapted connectivity and its small size give it the strengths of a versatile audio player meeting a high level of demand. Amplified, the player requires only a simple direct connection to speakers

An infrared remote control will allow you to quickly switch from one radio to another, reduce the volume or stop broadcasting.

In-store radio

The other advantage of the box is you can broadcast ads and get a real radio brand. This is an opportunity to promote your services, announce an event or present restaurant menus. Webradiostore offers a complete accompaniment in the creation of your personalised radio: programming announcements and playlists, creation of announcements recorded in our studios. In-store radio becomes affordable and profitable even for the independent manager thanks to our reduced license costs, the Performing Rights Organization fees exemption and our pre-programmed playlists.

Virtually everything is possible for the maintenance, music programming and personalisation of your brand radio. For more information, please contact us.


We can offer advice on buying professional broadcast equipment: ceiling or wall speakers, amplifiers or wiring. A free audit is carried out on request. Thank you for contacting us. Please send us a map of the spaces requiring sound to receive a free audit.

Webradiostore is also Music Media Tracks for your telephone waiting time and your royalty-free music for videos.