What does Webradiostore offer for background music for a business, store or restaurant?

Once you subscribe, you will have access to the “Radios” page containing 10 music playlists. Your license authorises you to distribute these music programmes in the business of your choice and guarantees you exemption from performing rights organization (PRO) such as ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, PRS, SACEM, SGAE, SUISA, SOCAN etc.

Will I still listen to the same music on your site?

Each playlist contains 300 tracks and is renewed in part every month. You can also change the playlist at any time, such as switching from the Lounge Radio programme to Zen Radio. You can also broadcast Cool Radio in the morning and Move Radio in the afternoon.

A rather “young” audience for Happy Hour at 6pm? Broadcast Indie Rock Radio or Pop Radio!

Are there ads on your playlists ?

We do not include advertisements or messages on our royalty-free music playlists. That is not our business model. The beneficiaries get 50% of the price of your duty-free subscription. We believe that compensation is fair.

How long is the subscription for?

You can order a one-year subscription from our site. This can then be renewed for a further one-year period.

Can I test the solution before buying ?

As a first step, you can listen to our demos on the site. We also offer a free trial period of 3 days by simple email simple request.

Once I have ordered, how long does it take to get access and broadcast your royalty-free music?

If you have chosen a payment method by PayPal or credit card, confirmation is automatic and you can broadcast our programmes straight away.

What are the accepted payment methods?

“Payment is completely secure on our site thanks to the online payment system of our partner Stripe, using a certified PCI / DSS level 1 payment solution (the highest level of security for paying online). The card / bank data you enter on our site is encrypted and will never circulate visibly on the Internet. In addition, they are only processed by Stripe and are never in our possession. When you type your card number to complete purchases on our site it is, in reality, to Stripe that you send them. “

Our https accessible site is secured by an SSL certificate to ensure data confidentiality. Your information, such as your passwords or credit card numbers, is private when you browse this site.

We also offer payment by PayPal.

We accept payment by direct debit. From outside France, please make the transfer by selecting the “OUR” option which means that you will be responsible for any transfer charges.

We accept payment by cheque provided that it is issued in EURO and from a bank account located in France.

For these last two payment methods, please order by email by contacting us at info@webradiostore.fr

Can I broadcast from my phone or a tablet?

Yes, our broadcast drives are compatible with most devices and browsers. However, we recommend using a wired connection to avoid sound cuts.